I have seen the movie named FLIPPED for four times but never bored.
At first, I was attracted by the handsome boy and the beautiful scenery
the movie showed to us, but the more I see it, the more I have
impressive feeling.
    After the movie was finished, for me, the direct feeling was
special. This movie developed by showing two main characters’ monologues
to audience so that we can understand the movie better. The girl fall in
love with the boy at the first sight and she was very sure that she will
get the boy’s first kiss in the near future. On the contrary, the boy
wanted to get rid of the girl who he thought is eccentric. As the movie
developed, something happened to them and their opinion to each other
changed gradually.
   Juli’s favorite tree, sycamore tree, was cut down and when she sought
Bryce for help at that time, to her disappointment, Bryce refused
without hesitation. She send the eggs that her hens laid to Bryce’s
family everyday with kindness , but all the eggs were thrown by Bryce
because their families think they are some bacteria in them. After all
those things happened, Juli began to think about Bryce in a new way. She
started to realize that maybe Bryce is not the person she thought that
he should to be. Meanwhile, the attitudes that Bryce towards to Juli
were changed dramatically. He found that the girl has some attractive
characters that is actually what his families lack of. He can’t help
missing Juli, he cared about everything that Juli was doing, and when he
saw Juli selecting other boys in the auction, he was sad and angry.
Maybe just as he said to himself, he had flipped, completely.
   “Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss. But
every once in a while you find someone who’s iridescent, and when you
do, nothing will ever compare.” This is what Bryce’s grandfather said to
Bryce when they walked together at one night. This sentence was
meaningful and encouraged Bryce to listen to his own inner voice about
Juli. Besides the two main characters, Bryce’s grandfather and Juli’s
father also played an important role in this movie. They gave their kids
help and teach them something worthwhile in the progress of their
growing. They learned how to love people, how to respect each other and
the more precious is that they knew what is growing up.


If you’re a vampire, it’s all about you. Why is Edward Cullen obsessed
to the point of erotomania by Bella Swan Because she smells so yummy,
but he doesn’t want to kill her. Here’s what he tells her: He must not
be around her. He might sink his fangs in just a little, and not be able
to stop. She finds this overwhelmingly attractive. She tells him he is
the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. I don’t remember Edward ever
saying that to her. Maybe once. He keeps on saying they should stay far,
far apart, because he craves her so much.

Should a woman fall in love with a man because he desires her so much
Men seem to think so. It’s not about the woman, it’s about the man’s
desire. We all know there is no such thing as a vampire. Come on now,
what is “Twilight” really about It’s about a teenage boy trying to
practice abstinence, and how, in the heat of the moment, it’s really,
really hard. And about a girl who wants to go all the way with him, and
doesn’t care what might happen. He’s so beautiful she would do anything
for him. She is the embodiment of the sentiment, “I’d die for you.” She
is, like many adolescents, a thanatophile.

If there were no vampires in “Twilight,” it would be a thin-blooded
teenage romance, about two good-looking kids who want each other so much
because they want each other so much. Sometimes that’s all it’s about,
isn’t it They’re in love with being in love. In “Twilight,” however,
they have a seductive disagreement about whether he should kill her.
She’s like, I don’t especially want to die, but if that’s what it takes,
count me in. She is touched by his devotion. Think what a sacrifice he
is making on her behalf. On Prom Night, on the stage of the not
especially private gazebo in the public gardens, he teeters right on the
brink of a fang job, and then brings all of her trembling to a dead

The movie is lush and beautiful, and the actors are well-chosen. You may
recall Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory, who on Voldemort’s orders was
murdered in a graveyard in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” Maybe
he was already a vampire. Pattinson is not unaware of how handsome he
is. When Bella and Edward, still strangers, exchange stern and burning
looks in the school cafeteria, he transfixes her with a dark and
glowering – nay, penetrating – stare. I checked Pattinson out on Google
Images and found he almost always glowers at the camera ‘neath shadowed
brow. Kristen Stewart’s Bella, on the other hand, is a fresh-faced
innocent who is totally undefended against his voltage.

千赢娱乐官网登录,Bella has left her mom and stepdad in hot Arizona, clutching a potted
cactus, to come live in the clammy, rainy Pacific Northwest, home of
Seasonal Affective Disorder. Her dad is the chief of police of the very
small town of Forks, Washington. His greatest asset: “He doesn’t hover.”
At high school, she quickly notices the preternaturally pale Cullen
clan, who in some shots seem to be wearing as much Max Factor Pancake
White as Harry Langdon. Edward is 114 years old. He must be really tired
of taking biology class. Darwin came in during his watch, and proved
vampires can’t exist.

There are other strange youths around, including American Indians who
appear not too distantly descended from their tribe’s ancestors, wolves.
Great tension between the wolves and vampires. Also some rival vampires
around. How small is this town The Forks high school is so big, it must
serve a consolidated district serving the whole table setting. The main
local Normal Kid is a nice sandy-haired boy who asks Bella to the prom.
He’s out of his depth here, unless he can transmogrify into a grizzly.
Also there are four grey-bearded coots at the next table in the local
diner, who eavesdrop and exchange significant glances and get big,
significant close-ups but are still just sitting significantly nodding,
for all I know.

Edward has the ability to move as swiftly as Superman. Like him he can
stop a runaway pickup with one arm. He rescues Bella twice that I
remember, maybe because he truly loves her, maybe because he’s saving
her for later. She has questions. “How did you appear out of nowhere and
stop that truck” Well might she ask. When he finally explains that he is
a vampire, he goes up from 8 to 10 on her Erotometer. Why do girls
always prefer the distant, aloof, handsome, dangerous dudes instead of
cheerful chaps like me.

“Twilight” will mesmerize its target audience, 16-year-old girls and
their grandmothers. Their mothers know all too much about boys like
this. I saw it at a sneak preview. Last time I saw a movie in that same
theater, the audience welcomed it as an opportunity to catch up on
gossip, texting, and laughing at private jokes. This time the audience
was rapt with attention. Sometimes a soft chuckle, as when the principal
Indian boy has well-developed incisors. Sometimes a soft sigh.
Afterwards, I eavesdropped on some conversations. A few were saying,
“He’s so hot!” More floated in a sweet dreaminess. Edward seemed to stir
their surrender instincts.

The movie, based on the Stephenie Meyer novel, was directed by Catherine
Hardwicke. She uses her great discovery, Nikki Reed, in the role of the
beautiful Rosalie Hale. Reed wrote Hardwick’s “Thirteen” when she was
only 14. That was a movie that knew a lot more about teenage girls. The
girl played by Reed in that movie would make mincemeat of Edward. But I
understand who “Twilight” appeals to, and it sure will.

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